3 Things You Should Know when Buying Your First Clip/Magazine fed Blaster


Having recently purchased my first Magazine fed Nerf Blaster, after watching various videos and getting to and from Target, I can tell you that it is not what I expected. This does not mean that the Retaliator I bought was difficult to use or terrible, just not what I expected. Most Nerf Blaster reviews from other internet sources may mislead you, and I am here to ensure that you make the best purchase possible. Because I am not a top Nerf reviewer, I do not have what seems like infinite funding or more specifically, more magazines for use, so let me assure you, this information is quite accurate.

  1. Magazine fed blasters will frequently jam when you have anything less than quite new darts in the magazine. If they are bent, ripped, or disfigured in any way, I’d estimate that they will only fire about 30% of the time. So be prepared to buy a lot of new darts.029
  2.  Magazines. You need them. Even if I can get 12 good darts into the 12-dart mag that comes with the Retaliator, it runs out too quickly, and I don’t have any other magazines for it. I have to take the mag out and reload by hand, which takes a lot of time. Though this is a commonly known fact, you need extra magazines with your blaster for it to be effective or even worth it. You will not have the time to reload a single one in mid-battle, so my suggestion would be to buy at least one extra magazine with whichever mag-fed blaster you plan to buy. It is only 10 USD for an 18 dart mag and darts. YOU WILL NEED IT.035
  3. There are other problems that are completely unspoken about in the Nerf community. For instance, I have had several darts stop up in the barrel of my Retaliator. On time, I got 2 darts stuck in the barrel, and then one dart properly fired and three came flying out the barrel. Also, I have had some feeding problems with the magazine where the spring is either not strong enough or the rubber of the dart heads is rubbing against the inside of the mag, causing the darts to get stuck in the magazine. It took several whacks against a tree to loosen them up again.

These issues are not often spoken about in the Nerf Community. Somehow I doubt that it is just my Retaliator that has these issues, however, other than these several things, Mag-fed blasters are worth it in almost every way. The Elite Retaliator I bought came with some great accessories, and I shoots far and fast. Just use the information above to make the safest and best purchase for your budget. Don’t let this information turn you off.



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Just this morning, I was looking at the unreleased Nerf Terrascout, an 18 dart mini tank with an HD camera that moves tread-style. Hopefully it gets a little more love than the Terradrone did. It was too slow, didn’t shoot far or fast, and was too high in price. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be so awesome if Nerf just ditched all of the small-sized combat creature stuff, and went for a full-sized Star Wars RC Destroyer Droid? It wouldn’t have to roll, or put up an energy shield or anything, but it could still have some kind of transportation method that allowed it to move fast, with maybe like, two high-speed guns comparable to Rhino-Fires.


The Nerf Terrascout


The Nerf Terradrone

The way I picture it, it would also have this large-sized, highly sensitive button in its core, so that it could be “killed” by hitting this button with a Nerf dart, making this thing relevant in a Nerf war (it would shut down on impact with the button). It could also have a switch on the remote, to flip up a shield. The remote could be specialized to actually have triggers on it to fire the “left and right cannons”. It would have to be fast, so you can get it in and out of battle easily, to reload or possibly de-jam it. I guess some kind of grippy claws would work best as legs, and look the coolest. It’s probably a ways away, and would probably be expensive, but I really think it would be cool as a possible 2017 project. Who wouldn’t love it?! Please tell me your opinion in the comments section. I’d love to hear your feedback!

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I thought it’d be fun to tell everyone about my blaster collection. As I am a Nerf Collector Wannabe, I sincerely hope this short little list lengthens quickly!

  • Nerf N-Strike Maverick Rev-6   × 2
  • Nerf N-Strike PinShot   × 1 (What’s a PinShot? Find out here.)
  • Nerf Dart Tag Hyperfire   × 2
  • Nerf ZombieStrike Hammershot   × 1
  • Nerf N-Strike Elite Spectre   × 1 (If one was to delve very deeply into the inner mechanics of this blaster, one would find that it is broken, but it’s the exterior that’s tacticool!)
  • Nerf N-Strike Elite Firestrike   × 1 (Technically it’s my sister’s, but whatever)

Impressed? I’m not. Leave a like or comment below and, if you like, tell me what I need to add to this collection!

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Nerf Maverick Modified (PinShot)


About 10 years ago, my uncle got me and my sisters 3 Nerf N-Strike Maverick Rev-6 Blasters. We used them for a while, then, as far as I remember, they faded out of existence—until now. Only two of the old mavericks were still in good shape, while the other was being troublesome and would not properly prime. We left that one in the basement for a while, then, after realizing that two mavericks just isn’t enough for a mini-scale Nerf war, I decided to try fixing it. So I took it to my room and opened it up; after a while of poking and prodding, I found out that one of the pieces that holds the turret in place was broken, and I didn’t want to bother with repairs, so, after some thinking, I started to figure on remaking the blaster, single shot style.(Since the interior turret was out of commission, the rotating part wasn’t going to work.)

NERF_Pinshot_May_2016 015

So here’s the overview. I took out/off all of the unnecessary parts out of the Maverick, removed the barrel, dremeled a single one of the six barrel segments out, and glued it over the plunger output hole. I actually left the air restrictors in and did not mod this blaster with any of the usual mods, though I plan to change that in future.

And here’s the result. It’s an interestingly weird-looking single-shot pistol, that I call the PinShot. It’s most noticeable new feature is its consistent 8-12 extra feet of range.

NERF_Pinshot_May_2016 014

This modification to the Nerf Maverick was really very easy to construct. The tools and materials that I used are as follows: A dremel, for cutting and sanding, and super-glue! I also used some silver faux leather material to cushion the plunger, keep it from shaking. The thing about this, though, is that it’s not necessarily an improvement, upon the Maverick. Sure, you’re getting a new design and a solid amount of extra range, but you’re giving up speed and capacity. Still, it’s my first real Nerf project, so I think it turned out OK.


Last, but more importantly, here’s a statistics list and a blaster-specific pro-con list.

UPDATE: I did some more work on this blaster, which included drilling out the air restrictors from the front(I’m not sure why I left them in before), adding a dart storage area on the front, and greasing the interior. This gun has almost triple the range of a standard stock maverick, and it looks a little cooler now.

Power – 7/10
Accuracy – 9/10
Range – 9/10
Ammo Capacity – 7/10
Speed – 5/10
Looks – 8/10
Feel – 8/10
Reliability – 10/10
Moddability – 8/10?


  • Has a good 30 feet at least on the regular unmodded Maverick.(Because of the air seal and the AR removal)
  • For some reason, this pistol is very satisfying to load, and it’s easier than, say, loading the Firestrike, because you can more easily use your fingers to feel out the barrel tip to load the dart.
  • Still quite accurate.
  • No possibility of jamming.


  • It’s singlefire.
  • Does not look extremely cool.








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NERFICTION: Episode I: Jolt

Nick stepped out from the shadows of the corner behind her. Cameo whirled around to confront him. “How did you—“

“Get around your guard? I knocked out Ava as soon as she turned the corner; she’s under strict guard now. Her Sledgefire’s too slow for me.”

He had his CycloneShock pointed at her. If he aimed to defeat her, he could easily do it right now. That thing had 80 foot range and unavoidable speed for her to dodge. She only carried a couple of Jolts in her pockets; she had never believed in speed or capacity. If she tried an escape around the table, she might be able to hit him on the way out, but there was no telling what now lay on either corner of the house. However, she was going to have to do something, and if she was going to get hit anyway, there were few options.

She made up her mind quickly. She leapt up from behind the table and fired both her jolts at once straight at Nick. Nick though, had other ideas. He was able to get off 3 shots with his CycloneShock before one of Cameo’s darts hit him, right in the forehead. As was the rule, he immediately froze, still with a look of surprise on his face, now mixed with annoyance.

Cameo, on the other hand, still had three Mega darts soaring through the air toward her. She ducked the first and dodged the other, narrowly avoiding the third, which whizzed past her neck as she bent into a bizarre shape to evade the last dart.

“Alright cowards, come and face me! You can’t hide forever!” Cameo had always loved to use other people’s brainpower to her advantage. In this case, when Liam and Logan heard her goading them to attack her, they would think ‘No, we won’t go, she’s trying to get us to come to her. She’ll probably trap us.’ Which is exactly what Cameo wanted them to think. It would ensure that they both stayed right where they were.

Meanwhile, around the corner and about 75 feet away, Logan and Liam were still plotting.

“Nick must have gone down, he would’ve come back by now.”

“At least we have Ava”

“That miserable little cheater! Bringing in extra soldiers after the start of the war!”

“Well, if Nick is out, that means it’s just us and Cameo. We can’t let her beat Commando and the Loganator now, can we? Let’s just go for it, all she has is a couple of Jolts, whereas I have a Rapidstrike and you have a Longshot. She’s right; we are being cowards; let’s just get this over with and win. We can outgun her, between the two of us.”

“Ok, let’s go. I imagine she’s still right where we sent Nick, right around the other side here. Take this corner at a wide angle; keep yourself out of her range.”

“Commando, I’ve done this before, there’s no need to use any unnecessary theatrics.”

As the pair crept toward, the corner, Cameo was edging around the other side of the house, towards the trees where they had been hiding.

“They’ll never know what hit them!”


Stay tuned for part 3, the Final Battle!




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NERFICTION: Episode I: Rapidstrike

Liam enjoyed sitting at desk that overlooked his large backyard. He liked the view, and liked taking Nerf blasters apart even better. Just as Liam was finishing up screwing together his Rapidstrike, Cameo came in.

“I’m bored” she complained.

Liam turned to face her “Go and mod your Strongarm” he replied as he stood up and started for the door.

“You know I’m no good at that”

“In any case, don’t bother me about it. Ima go find Logan and Nick and test this outside” He tapped the Rapidstrike he was carrying.

“So be it” Cameo said evilly as Liam left his room.


Five minutes later Liam was outside with Logan and Nick, both of whom had brought one of their blasters along to compare it to Liam’s new one. Liam had his finger on the trigger, unleashing a storm of darts while Logan and Nick looked on from several feet away.

“This thing is way better now. Nothing like a couple of IMR’s to make a Nerf blaster into a blasting machine!” Liam yelled to his friends over the noise of the blaster.

“Please!” Said a malicious voice from behind him.”A Jolt beats that thing! At least they’re accurate!”

That’s when he felt a dart hit him hard in the back of the neck. Around Liam and Cameo’s house, that event meant only one thing.

“Logan, you get behind that tree! And Nick, you get behind that one!” Liam ordered instinctively.”We can take her down quite easily, it’s one to three!” Liam ran to the shelter of the trees on the other side of the driveway, with Nick and Logan. “The rules to these games are usually the same! If you get hit, then you’re out! Now wait while I think of a plan…


As the team positioned themselves behind the trees, looking for Cameo, another figure strode around the other side of the house, to where Cameo was standing.

“Took you long enough” remarked Cameo, as Ava kneeled down next to her, behind the patio table.

“Sorry, I had to find my Sledgefire.”

Cameo ignored her “Okay, so the agenda is to take all three of them out. We have the surprise element, as they don’t know you’re here, which will also make them overconfident. Any minute now I imagine the three of them will come ’round the corner shouting and waving their blasters at me like idiots.”

Ava replied with a laugh on her face “So I sneak around the other side of the house, wait for them to attack you, then run around in back of them and snap them with this?” she motioned toward her loaded Sledgefire.

“Exactly, but be quiet, or they’ll hear you.” she whispered. “And hurry!”

Ava rolled her eyes, but ran in a quiet enough fashion around the corner. The sun was hot today, and Cameo had already begun to sweat. A tiny part inside of her wanted very badly to run and face her brother and his team with her Magnus, but the thought was silenced as she heard a twig break nearby.

“Ava, is that you?” she whispered nervously.

“Oh, no— it’s me.”


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Nerfiction Character Guide

Liam(Cameo’s Brother) is a 12 year old full of energy. He is tall for his age, with brown hair and blue-grey eyes. He prefers the big fast guns, with lots of tacticool equipment. As of the first episode, he has a Stryfe, a modified Rapidstrike, and a Rampage. Calls himself the Commando. Commando

Cameo(Liam’s Sister) is also 12, but shorter, and prefers the accurate pistols. She has dark brown hair and blue eyes. As of the first episode, she has a Firestrike, 2 Jolts, a ZombieStrike Sidestrike, a Mega Magnus, and a Strongarm. Friends call her Sharpshot Cameo. Engineer

Nick is Liam’s 13 year old friend. He is the tallest of the group, with black hair and brown eyes. He prefers the revolvers and non-flywheel blasters that are minimized. As of the first episode, he has a Maverick, a Strongarm, a Hammershot, and a Mega CycloneShock. Scout

Logan is Liam’s other friend. He is 16 and about the same height as Liam, with very light brown hair and blue-green eyes. He prefers the snipers. As of the first episode, he has a Mega Centurion, a Longshot, a Longstrike, and a Firestrike. Calls himself the Loganator. Sniper

Ava is Cameo’s friend. She is 15 and likes shotguns best. She is about as tall as Liam, and has black  hair and green eyes. As of the first episode, she has a Retaliator, a Mega Rotofury, a ZombieStrike Sledgefire(with extra shells), a Roughcut 2×4, and a Strongarm. Tank


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