Nerf ZombieStrike Hammershot

HAMMERSHOTThe Hammershot. It’s relatively small in size, but it’s reassuringly sturdy and tough. The Hammershot is a 5-shot revolver that uses a hammer, rather than a priming slide, to cock the gun. The best part is how hard it hits. Even though it isn’t really very long ranged, it can make a loud bang on a window, standing 35 feet away. The other best part is that because the cocking mechanism can be pulled with one finger, this gun only requires one hand to wield. If you had one of these orange-and-grey plastic babies in each hand, you’d be quite formidable. If you’re going to buy yourself a sidearm, this one of the best to start with. It’s reliable and fast (yes, also better than the maverick and, arguably, the strongarm)

Power – 9/10
Accuracy – 8/10
Range – 7/10
Ammo Capacity – 7/10
Speed – 7/10
Looks – 10/10
Feel – 10/10
Reliability – 9/10
Moddability – 8/10
Score — 75/100



About TalonCole

Hey! I am a highschool student who likes MC, technology, and the winter and spring breaks! I also love Nerf guns and modding them!
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