The Meaning of Tacticool

Since on of the more popular words in the Nerf community seems to be “tacticool”, and I had yet to hear anyone define it. I googled it. According to the “Urban Dictionary” tacticool is:

1. A descriptive word for equipment or clothing that does not have any tactical purpose; but looks cool.
2. A person who is a city dweller; but wishes to look like an warrior or as if they are/were in the armed forces.
3. Appearance that mimics military or martial arts. “

Other definitions included

“A gun that has been unnecessarily modified to include such things as vertical foregrips, laser systems, flashlight systems, hair triggers, replacing wooden stocks with lightweight black plastic ones… and these expensive modifications are done to a rifle or shotgun to make it “cool.” “

In any case, the word ‘tacticool’ is seemingly a word used exclusively for firearms, nerf blasters, or airsoft guns. I think us Nerfers use it the most however. Here’s where I’d say “Stay tacticool”, but that’s Coop772’s line.


About TalonCole

Hey! I am a highschool student who likes MC, technology, and the winter and spring breaks! I also love Nerf guns and modding them!
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