Nerf Dart Tag Hyperfire


I was doing some range tests with my collection the other day, after removing the ARs on one of my Hyperfires, and found that it wasn’t bad at all. Actually, it beat the Hammershot in range and accuracy. My other Hyperfire performed about the same as the Hammershot. So, if you’re prepared to do a little modding on your blaster, (it took me five minutes) then these are great. I know the Hyperfire is an old model, but it works really well. It’s like a 10 shot, fast shooting slightly longer ranged Hammershot. The one flaw of these blasters is that since the cylinder doesn’t have a front to keep the darts in, they tend to slip out after a little bit of motion. But, after removing the air restrictors, I no longer had that problem, because there was no spring behind the darts that would help to push them out. This blaster is a great addition to any collection and is a good bit better when you modify it. It can fire 10 darts about 2 a second at max speed. It’s much better than the Maverick and with the ARs removed, the Hammershot as well.

NERF DART TAG HYPERFIRE($15-$25(if used; this is an old model))
Power – 7/10
Accuracy – 5/10
Range – 8/10
Ammo Capacity – 8/10
Speed – 9/10
Looks – 7/10
Feel – 8/10
Reliability – 7/10
Moddability – 9/10
Score — 68/100


About TalonCole

Hey! I am a highschool student who likes MC, technology, and the winter and spring breaks! I also love Nerf guns and modding them!
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