Nerfiction Character Guide

Liam(Cameo’s Brother) is a 12 year old full of energy. He is tall for his age, with brown hair and blue-grey eyes. He prefers the big fast guns, with lots of tacticool equipment. As of the first episode, he has a Stryfe, a modified Rapidstrike, and a Rampage. Calls himself the Commando. Commando

Cameo(Liam’s Sister) is also 12, but shorter, and prefers the accurate pistols. She has dark brown hair and blue eyes. As of the first episode, she has a Firestrike, 2 Jolts, a ZombieStrike Sidestrike, a Mega Magnus, and a Strongarm. Friends call her Sharpshot Cameo. Engineer

Nick is Liam’s 13 year old friend. He is the tallest of the group, with black hair and brown eyes. He prefers the revolvers and non-flywheel blasters that are minimized. As of the first episode, he has a Maverick, a Strongarm, a Hammershot, and a Mega CycloneShock. Scout

Logan is Liam’s other friend. He is 16 and about the same height as Liam, with very light brown hair and blue-green eyes. He prefers the snipers. As of the first episode, he has a Mega Centurion, a Longshot, a Longstrike, and a Firestrike. Calls himself the Loganator. Sniper

Ava is Cameo’s friend. She is 15 and likes shotguns best. She is about as tall as Liam, and has black  hair and green eyes. As of the first episode, she has a Retaliator, a Mega Rotofury, a ZombieStrike Sledgefire(with extra shells), a Roughcut 2×4, and a Strongarm. Tank



About TalonCole

Hey! I am a highschool student who likes MC, technology, and the winter and spring breaks! I also love Nerf guns and modding them!
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