NERFICTION: Episode I: Jolt

Nick stepped out from the shadows of the corner behind her. Cameo whirled around to confront him. “How did you—“

“Get around your guard? I knocked out Ava as soon as she turned the corner; she’s under strict guard now. Her Sledgefire’s too slow for me.”

He had his CycloneShock pointed at her. If he aimed to defeat her, he could easily do it right now. That thing had 80 foot range and unavoidable speed for her to dodge. She only carried a couple of Jolts in her pockets; she had never believed in speed or capacity. If she tried an escape around the table, she might be able to hit him on the way out, but there was no telling what now lay on either corner of the house. However, she was going to have to do something, and if she was going to get hit anyway, there were few options.

She made up her mind quickly. She leapt up from behind the table and fired both her jolts at once straight at Nick. Nick though, had other ideas. He was able to get off 3 shots with his CycloneShock before one of Cameo’s darts hit him, right in the forehead. As was the rule, he immediately froze, still with a look of surprise on his face, now mixed with annoyance.

Cameo, on the other hand, still had three Mega darts soaring through the air toward her. She ducked the first and dodged the other, narrowly avoiding the third, which whizzed past her neck as she bent into a bizarre shape to evade the last dart.

“Alright cowards, come and face me! You can’t hide forever!” Cameo had always loved to use other people’s brainpower to her advantage. In this case, when Liam and Logan heard her goading them to attack her, they would think ‘No, we won’t go, she’s trying to get us to come to her. She’ll probably trap us.’ Which is exactly what Cameo wanted them to think. It would ensure that they both stayed right where they were.

Meanwhile, around the corner and about 75 feet away, Logan and Liam were still plotting.

“Nick must have gone down, he would’ve come back by now.”

“At least we have Ava”

“That miserable little cheater! Bringing in extra soldiers after the start of the war!”

“Well, if Nick is out, that means it’s just us and Cameo. We can’t let her beat Commando and the Loganator now, can we? Let’s just go for it, all she has is a couple of Jolts, whereas I have a Rapidstrike and you have a Longshot. She’s right; we are being cowards; let’s just get this over with and win. We can outgun her, between the two of us.”

“Ok, let’s go. I imagine she’s still right where we sent Nick, right around the other side here. Take this corner at a wide angle; keep yourself out of her range.”

“Commando, I’ve done this before, there’s no need to use any unnecessary theatrics.”

As the pair crept toward, the corner, Cameo was edging around the other side of the house, towards the trees where they had been hiding.

“They’ll never know what hit them!”


Stay tuned for part 3, the Final Battle!





About TalonCole

Hey! I am a highschool student who likes MC, technology, and the winter and spring breaks! I also love Nerf guns and modding them!
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