NERFICTION: Episode I: Rapidstrike

Liam enjoyed sitting at desk that overlooked his large backyard. He liked the view, and liked taking Nerf blasters apart even better. Just as Liam was finishing up screwing together his Rapidstrike, Cameo came in.

“I’m bored” she complained.

Liam turned to face her “Go and mod your Strongarm” he replied as he stood up and started for the door.

“You know I’m no good at that”

“In any case, don’t bother me about it. Ima go find Logan and Nick and test this outside” He tapped the Rapidstrike he was carrying.

“So be it” Cameo said evilly as Liam left his room.


Five minutes later Liam was outside with Logan and Nick, both of whom had brought one of their blasters along to compare it to Liam’s new one. Liam had his finger on the trigger, unleashing a storm of darts while Logan and Nick looked on from several feet away.

“This thing is way better now. Nothing like a couple of IMR’s to make a Nerf blaster into a blasting machine!” Liam yelled to his friends over the noise of the blaster.

“Please!” Said a malicious voice from behind him.”A Jolt beats that thing! At least they’re accurate!”

That’s when he felt a dart hit him hard in the back of the neck. Around Liam and Cameo’s house, that event meant only one thing.

“Logan, you get behind that tree! And Nick, you get behind that one!” Liam ordered instinctively.”We can take her down quite easily, it’s one to three!” Liam ran to the shelter of the trees on the other side of the driveway, with Nick and Logan. “The rules to these games are usually the same! If you get hit, then you’re out! Now wait while I think of a plan…


As the team positioned themselves behind the trees, looking for Cameo, another figure strode around the other side of the house, to where Cameo was standing.

“Took you long enough” remarked Cameo, as Ava kneeled down next to her, behind the patio table.

“Sorry, I had to find my Sledgefire.”

Cameo ignored her “Okay, so the agenda is to take all three of them out. We have the surprise element, as they don’t know you’re here, which will also make them overconfident. Any minute now I imagine the three of them will come ’round the corner shouting and waving their blasters at me like idiots.”

Ava replied with a laugh on her face “So I sneak around the other side of the house, wait for them to attack you, then run around in back of them and snap them with this?” she motioned toward her loaded Sledgefire.

“Exactly, but be quiet, or they’ll hear you.” she whispered. “And hurry!”

Ava rolled her eyes, but ran in a quiet enough fashion around the corner. The sun was hot today, and Cameo had already begun to sweat. A tiny part inside of her wanted very badly to run and face her brother and his team with her Magnus, but the thought was silenced as she heard a twig break nearby.

“Ava, is that you?” she whispered nervously.

“Oh, no— it’s me.”


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About TalonCole

Hey! I am a highschool student who likes MC, technology, and the winter and spring breaks! I also love Nerf guns and modding them!
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3 Responses to NERFICTION: Episode I: Rapidstrike

  1. joshperrett says:

    Well, I never thought I’d read fiction about Nerf guns, but I have now. And I used to own a few, so strangely enough I can even relate to this.

    Liked by 1 person

    • TalonCole says:

      Do you like it? I think I should make the next one a little longer.


      • joshperrett says:

        Yeah, I think that if you add some more action and maybe some character development too (e.g. a love interest, conflict or other), your work could be improved. But nonetheless, it’s a good start.


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