Just this morning, I was looking at the unreleased Nerf Terrascout, an 18 dart mini tank with an HD camera that moves tread-style. Hopefully it gets a little more love than the Terradrone did. It was too slow, didn’t shoot far or fast, and was too high in price. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be so awesome if Nerf just ditched all of the small-sized combat creature stuff, and went for a full-sized Star Wars RC Destroyer Droid? It wouldn’t have to roll, or put up an energy shield or anything, but it could still have some kind of transportation method that allowed it to move fast, with maybe like, two high-speed guns comparable to Rhino-Fires.


The Nerf Terrascout


The Nerf Terradrone

The way I picture it, it would also have this large-sized, highly sensitive button in its core, so that it could be “killed” by hitting this button with a Nerf dart, making this thing relevant in a Nerf war (it would shut down on impact with the button). It could also have a switch on the remote, to flip up a shield. The remote could be specialized to actually have triggers on it to fire the “left and right cannons”. It would have to be fast, so you can get it in and out of battle easily, to reload or possibly de-jam it. I guess some kind of grippy claws would work best as legs, and look the coolest. It’s probably a ways away, and would probably be expensive, but I really think it would be cool as a possible 2017 project. Who wouldn’t love it?! Please tell me your opinion in the comments section. I’d love to hear your feedback!


About TalonCole

Hey! I am a highschool student who likes MC, technology, and the winter and spring breaks! I also love Nerf guns and modding them!
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